Blitz 2023 Speakers

Changsu Kristopher Lee

Keynote Speaker

Changsu Kristopher Lee
Owner, Korean Dad Restaurant

Changsu Kristopher Lee is a longtime faculty member at Eastern Maine Community College, specializing in mathematics and business. Beginning his teaching in 2000, he finds the most fulfillment watching students finally have their a-ha moment developing foundational skills in courses they previously found difficult.

Additional work he has done for the college namely includes running the international program for students that come from all over the world, including Korea, China, Japan, Brazil, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Peru, India, Nepal, and more. Those with basic English knowledge beforehand frequently graduate with strong or near native fluency. He received his education from University of Maine at Presque Isle as an international student from South Korea with a degree in political science. His master’s degree comes from Husson University in 2000.

Starting from his military service in his origin country of South Korea, he has always been an adventure-seeker, going on to naturalize in the United States and found a restaurant called “Korean Dad” which serves authentic dishes for small-town locals.

Korean Dad also hosts various ethnic restaurants such as Hungarian, German, Jewish, Cuban, Nigerian, Cajun, and Jamaican each day of the week on 1492 State Street, Veazie.